Dance to Your Own Rhythm | Life Taps at Your Toes

That podcast? Launch it. That blog? Start it. That book? Write it. That idea? Flesh it out. That app? Develop it. That gift? Put it to use.  I think a lot of times, we as human beings, tend to get discourage when we feel like we aren’t where we’re supposed to be in life.  At 13, I thought for sure I’d be a model somewhere.  … Continue reading Dance to Your Own Rhythm | Life Taps at Your Toes

Eliminating Fear to Move Forward

You ever been afraid to do something or try something new because your fear of failure, judgment or because in the back of your mind you have this self-doubt? Recently, I’ve made the decision to go back to my alma mater to get my Masters in Student Affairs/Higher Education.  I felt confident about my decision back in February when I first decided to move back, … Continue reading Eliminating Fear to Move Forward

Finding Happiness in Celibacy

I haven’t had sex in eleven months.  Eleven months. 11. Once el mes. Onze mois.  I’ve gone eleven months before, but this time it’s different.  The first time I went eleven months, it wasn’t by choice but by force and I knew the moment I had an opportunity to have sex, I’d go for it.  However, this time around it’s different.  I will be honest … Continue reading Finding Happiness in Celibacy